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The St. Louis County Public Health Department needed a conversational video to present the latest COVID-19 testing information as well as to ease the concerns of those in the BIPOC communities. All safety guidelines were followed strictly throughout the production. 
Gerdau turns recycled steel into grinding balls, which 
are then used in the mining of iron. In the heart of iron mining country it's only proper that these balls be made right here in Minnesota. This video showcases the company's commitment to safety,
quality, and community. 
Take It With You is a radio theatre program with a cult following in Duluth, Mn. Wherehouse was added to the team in 2019 to begin developing visual content. This reel was created for the TIWY team to pitch their show at the Catalyst Content Festival. P.S. THEY WON!!!
Zeitgeist wanted to be sure they were still connected to the community when the COVID-19 pandemic made gathering in their hub impossible. This edit was produced to introduced the live programming as part of the Spirit Of The Times virtual fundraiser. Catch the vibe HERE!  
After graduating from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, it was a treat for Joe to reconnect with some new, & old programs for these productions. Wherehouse put a smiley spin on the much feared Parking Services Department. The innovative Cultural Entrepreneurship Program needed content to catalyze the growth of on the newest majors at UMD. 
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